ClearRefining Chronicle Ed. 3 Vol 1

Current News With the sale of the Peru Heights Processing Facility at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, the Company has, as of March 31, 2017, relocated it’s remaining ClearRefining Processors and related equipment to a new facility in Northern Nevada. The new facility will become the Company’s Operations Center going forward. Company management has recently […]

ClearRefining Chronicle Ed. 2 Vol 10

Current News ARC is happy to announce that our partners at Key Industries Engineering Group in the Czech Republic are busily and successfully producing GDiesel® and other products from the Generation 3 test unit that we flew to Europe several months ago. The operation of this unit on the continent has already stirred quite the […]

ClearRefining Chronicle Ed. 2 Vol 9

Current News These last months have been very busy for the ARC team. One of the premier projects that we had been working on was preparing and air-freighting our Generation 3 GDiesel® demonstration unit to our technology and marketing partners at Key Group in Prague, Czech Republic. The unit arrived safely and our partners are […]

ClearRefining Chronicle Ed. 2 Vol 8

Current News During the last two months our management team has been working diligently on restructuring and financing initiatives. Part of the restructuring strategy was discussed among the unitholders at last month’s annual unitholder meeting. Selling unused assets, better securing intellectual property, enhancing management, establishing a professional and active Board of Directors, and updating the Company’s business plan are […]

ClearRefining Chronicle Ed. 2 Vol 7

Current News Advanced Refining Concepts, LLC continues to progress on our two near-term revenue generating GDiesel® projects in Las Vegas and in California. The project in Banning, California in conjunction with our partners Morongo Purefuel Diesel based in Chatsworth, CA is in the second phase of the engineering review. The final engineering proposal will be […]

ClearRefining Chronicle Ed. 2 Vol 6

Current News The end of the year has picked up for our Company in terms of projects and opportunities that will propel us into 2016. On the GDiesel side of the business we are currently undertaking engineering for the construction of a new project in Southern California and continue our increasingly successful fundraising efforts for […]

ClearRefining Chronicle Ed. 2 Vol 5

Current News Our strong focus on technology continues to show positive momentum. Earlier this month, our biofuels development partner in Europe commissioned our ClearRefining® processor outside of Amsterdam and our development program to upgrade bio-oils is underway. Though this program is scheduled to take one year, we believe that successes in this field will begin […]

ClearRefining Chronicle Ed. 2 Vol 4

Current News 1) Our processor has arrived in Amsterdam at Europe’s second largest producer of biodiesel. After a little initial damage from shipping and dealing with insurance, our development partners are installing the unit to be ready for production which should happen during August. If all goes well, this will lead to an immediate purchase […]

ClearRefining Chronicle Ed. 2 Vol 3

Current News With the recent dramatic changes in the global petroleum markets and at a time where the news is full of alternative fuel companies that have failed, our Company is growing. This has required both a dramatic internal change in focus as well as an external change in presentation of vision. Some of these […]

GDiesel Express Ed. 2 Vol 2

Message From the Management In honor and in the spirit of our founder, Dr. Rudolf W. Gunnerman. “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” In the coming weeks we are expecting many changes. Do not be afraid of change. Change happens for a reason, roll with it. At times […]