The Patented ClearRefining® Process

ClearRefining® is a patented low temperature and low pressure refining technology that has significant benefits over traditional refining technologies. These benefits include: significantly reduced capital equipment costs; enhanced operating safety, reduced energy consumption, and easier permitting through our unique near-zero emission closed-loop design. Key to our process is the adaptability of the technology platform to a broad spectrum of liquid petrochemical and chemical products through the unique interaction of methane, biogas or natural gas with our proprietary catalysts.



ClearRefining® efficiently reduces the concentration of longer chain hydrocarbons. Results were achieved at temperatures significantly below the boiling point of feed.

Near-Zero closed-loop emission profile. Zero effluents release allows for easy permitting and space-saving modular designs.

Highly automated process control with little direct employee interface required. Low temperature and low pressure operating parameters.

Skid-mounted for easy transport or in-field positioning. Applicable as stand-alone technology or incorporated into existing fuel processes.