Current News

The end of the year has picked up for our Company in terms of projects and opportunities that will propel us into 2016. On the GDiesel side of the business we are currently undertaking engineering for the construction of a new project in Southern California and continue our increasingly successful fundraising efforts for our Las Vegas project. We expect both projects to be operational during 2016. Further our partners in Europe are finalizing several private and EU sponsored GDiesel projects. We also expect GDiesel production and sales to commence in Europe during the coming year. Our light crude oil business is quickly growing with customers both nationally and internationally expressing interest in our unique modular refining capabilities. Finally, on the R&D front, positive work continues both here at home and in Europe on the bio-products side and we are exploring a research opportunity with one of the world’s largest energy-focused research institutes.

Pictured above is Ms. Kylee Bozarth of ARC filling crude oil into a 55 gallon barrel in Montezuma Creek, Utah.

Message From the Management

It is with sincerest hope and joy for the coming year that we wish you and yours the best for the coming holidays. We have struggled through and survived a very difficult year in the oil markets. Staying true to our 2015 goal of innovation, we were able to reshape the Company and its opportunities alike to open several new markets for both GDiesel® and other products. For 2016 the Company’s goal will be to efficiently execute on these opportunities by targeting a more robust TEAM approach. Together Everyone Achieves More and nothing could be more in line with this motto than careful planning and execution which, when done correctly, will require input from all of us. 2016 is shaping up to be a most interesting year along all of our product lines and research initiatives.. Happy New Year!

Safety Corner

As 2015 comes to an end we would like to end this year saying thank you to all those who have shown a commitment toward an ultimate goal of an incident free workplace. Each and every day we have seen coworkers, family members, and friends demonstrate the ability to perform work or personal tasks without event while at the same time exhibiting the values that lead to a safe environment. For us, safety is an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement towards a goal of zero injuries with zero environmental impacts. What that means is no injuries, no collisions, no groundings, and no spills. Looking ahead to 2016 our expectations for safety performance are the same for each area of operation. We are committed to continuous improvement through constant and consistent compliance to doing the job the safe way each and every time. In closing, each of you have a safe Christmas and New Year. Whether you are traveling or remaining at home remember the things posted in earlier messages (all of which can be found on our new website We at ARC wanted to express our thanks to everyone on the effort this year to improve safety. Have fun and be safe! Merry Christmas

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