Current News

1) Our processor has arrived in Amsterdam at Europe’s second largest producer of biodiesel. After a little initial damage from shipping and dealing with insurance, our development partners are installing the unit to be ready for production which should happen during August. If all goes well, this will lead to an immediate purchase of multiple additional used units bringing significant revenue into company and opening a huge new market for us.

2) We have signed an NDA with America’s largest research institution to investigate the upgrading of bio oil that they produce from biomass through an advanced pyrolysis process. This relationship can also lead to future potential research grants related to our technology for diesel, jet fuel, crude oil, etc.

3) We are also working with a privately owned bio oil company based on the east coast with facilities in Mississippi who have sent us samples of fish oil that may be upgraded to a useable feedstock for biodiesel using our technology.

4) We are working internationally and nationally with several customers that have expressed an interest in our technology to upgrade light crude oils.

5) Funding for our GDiesel® Clean Oasis facility in Las Vegas is moving forward. We have received a letter of interest from a European company that would like to donate their advanced modular facility infrastructure equipment at cost to the project and who would like to work with us internationally to sell GDiesel and the ClearRefining technology in select markets.

6) One of the world’s largest diesel engine OEM’s, after a fairly intensive technical review of GDiesel® is ready to test our product on their engines at their laboratories concurrent with a customer request.

7) Finally, our engineering partners in Prague are finalizing a license agreement with a customer for the purchase of five newly designed high-output Generation 7 processors. Separately, they have ordered the parts to construct the first Generation 7 Unit to be based in Prague funded by a Czech investor. This will give us a high-output showpiece in Europe. The Generation 7 units are designed to produce 1,900 gallons per hour on the same platform size as our Generation 5 units that produce 500 gallons per hour.

8) Other than that, we are still “working” with the IRS to receive the fuel tax credit we were promised over a year ago.

Pictured above is ARC’s Managing Partner, Mr. Peter Gunnerman (left), Owner of Stewart Tool based in Rancho Cordova, Mr. Mark Stewart (center), and ARC’s Manager of Strategic Projects, Ms. Kylee Bozarth (right).

Message From the Management

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. While that might be true, observation is also another amazing inventive tool. Sometimes the best inventions come from simply observing your immediate surroundings and asking yourself if something can be done better. With our new company focus on technology, we all need to get back to our founding spirit of invention. Spend some time each day observing and questioning and who knows, maybe you will be the next patent holder at ARC. But remember, as important as inventing something is, writing it down so you don’t forget it can be the difference between having some good ideas and being a true inventor!

Safety Corner

When you think of summer you probably think of camping, swimming, long walks with your pets, laying out in the sun, mowing lawns, and every other fun outdoor activity. What you don’t think about is how to maintain safety while enjoying these activities. Before leaving the house think to yourself “Am I protecting my family, pets, or myself to the best of my ability?” Did you know that in the United States the CDC openly admits that there are over 300,000 undiagnosed cases of Lyme disease per year? Did you know that most professionals are saying this is understated by 2/3? Do you know how to protect you family from the known AND the unknown? Follow these few simple steps and it could save somebody you love: Before heading outside apply sunscreen with at least SPF 15; wear a wide brimmed hat; if venturing into tick habitat then a combination of both DEET for skin and permethrin on clothing might be considered; take frequent water breaks; never leave kids or pets unattended in a vehicle; follow instructions and warning labels on any equipment and do not exceed typical consumer use; know the signs of heat-related illness (high body temp, headache, dizziness, rapid pulse, nausea, confusion, and/or unconsciousness).

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