ClearRefining Chronicle Ed. 3 Vol 1

ClearRefining Chronicle

Current News

With the sale of the Peru Heights Processing Facility at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, the Company has, as of March 31, 2017, relocated it’s remaining ClearRefining Processors and related equipment to a new facility in Northern Nevada. The new facility will become the Company’s Operations Center going forward. Company management has recently completed a comprehensive year-long corporate restructure to both maximize unit holder value, product-line licensing and sales flexibility and intellectual property protection. Domestically, the Company has recently entered into a MOU for the licensing of a GDiesel processing facility, entered into an agreement with a company to jointly market its containerized GDiesel upgrading modules, and submitted a comprehensive state-sponsored grant proposal focused on bio fuels. Internationally, the Company has achieved a critical milestone towards its goals of certifying GDiesel as a compliant diesel fuel product in the European Union. Together with its European-based engineering and marketing partners, the Company has demonstrated to and is currently working with, several European-based energy companies with the goal of providing GDiesel and it’s proven environmental and energy efficient benefits to select initial markets in Europe in the shortest possible time.

Message From the Management

As stated by our Managing Partner, Mr, Gunnerman, during the opening of last month’s annual ARC unit holders meeting, the Company would like to once again thank the unbelievable support given to it by its unit holders, especially during the recent facility move. Of special note; the Company would like to recognize and that Mr. Lee Perks, Mr Aaron Yohey, Mr. James Brandmueller, Mr. Dennis McIntyre, Mr. Kevin Meyer, Mr. Herb Morgan, and ARC’s European Business Development Manager, Mr Michael Rocholl, for their time, expertise, and in some cases, raw strength and humor, safely keeping us on schedule and way under budget!.

 Interior of ARC′s new Operations Center located in Reno, NV

Interior of ARC′s new Operations Center located in Reno, NV

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