Current News

Our strong focus on technology continues to show positive momentum. Earlier this month, our biofuels development partner in Europe commissioned our ClearRefining® processor outside of Amsterdam and our development program to upgrade bio-oils is underway. Though this program is scheduled to take one year, we believe that successes in this field will begin much sooner. We have also started a long-term relationship with one of America’s largest research organizations to upgrade bio-oil. To date we have undertaken two successful trials with this unique material at our Peru Heights research and development facility. We believe that incorporation of our technology with the technology already developed by the institute will lead to both government grants as well as a strong commercial future. We are also starting a new program to upgrade petroleum crude oils with both domestic and international partners. Regarding GDiesel®, we have been working both with our engineering partners in the Czech Republic as well as a new engineering/manufacturing firm based in Germany to maximize both equipment and facility efficiencies and are making positive strides with financing institutions to bring a new facility on-line as quickly as possible. Smaller on-going trials on GDiesel® production continue to show improved product quality and efficiency based on the technical input from our partners.

Pictured above is the cover of Work Truck Review featuring GDiesel article written by Mr. Steve Temple

Message From the Management

In the coming months, we should take a page out of the playbook of arguably the greatest college football team of the last decade. The Oregon Ducks have propelled themselves from the basement to the penthouse by focusing on a “Win the Day” mantra. Many of our projects from research and development to regulatory interface take months, sometimes years to mature. Many times we overlook the great strides we make on a daily basis and their importance in the bigger picture. All of our successes are a combination of individual efforts that too often go unnoticed or under-appreciated. If we all come to work and focus on Winning the Day we will continue to succeed.

Safety Corner

When you think of summer you probably think of camping, swimming, long walks with your pets, laying out in the sun, mowing lawns, and every other fun outdoor activity. What you don’t think about is how to maintain safety while enjoying these activities. Before leaving the house think to yourself “Am I protecting my family, pets, or myself to the best of my ability?” Did you know that in the United States the CDC openly admits that there are over 300,000 undiagnosed cases of Lyme disease per year? Did you know that most professionals are saying this is understated by 2/3? Do you know how to protect you family from the known AND the unknown? Follow these few simple steps and it could save somebody you love: Before heading outside apply sunscreen with at least SPF 15; wear a wide brimmed hat; if venturing into tick habitat then a combination of both DEET for skin and permethrin on clothing might be considered; take frequent water breaks; never leave kids or pets unattended in a vehicle; follow instructions and warning labels on any equipment and do not exceed typical consumer use; know the signs of heat-related illness (high body temp, headache, dizziness, rapid pulse, nausea, confusion, and/or unconsciousness).

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