With more than 40 million gallons produced and sold into the United States transportation and off-road diesel markets, customers have become accustomed to the superior emission, efficiency, performance and reliability of both our #2 year-round and #1 winter quality GDiesel® products. During our extensive 5 year technical verification program, between 2010 – 2015, Advanced Refining Concepts achieved a flawless customer satisfaction rating with zero reported technical issues.

Safety Data Sheet

“The World’s Cleanest Diesel”

Producing and delivering “The World’s Cleanest Diesel” is a goal we strive towards as a company every day. From our State of Nevada designation as a clean alternative fuel to our Federal status as a blender of alternative fuels, GDiesel® can dramatically and cost effectively lower emissions for both off-road and on road fleet and private customers with no necessary changes to engines, vehicles or fueling infrastructure.

GDiesel® Benefits


A cleaner fuel and more complete combustion reduce abrasive carbon build-up and can significantly extend motor oil and filter life.


More efficient combustion results in mileage increases up to 10% or higher.

Power & Responsive

No loss in power coupled with a more responsive and quieter engine.

Storage & Stability

Symmetrical particle distribution and no specific gravity differences from additional liquid additives result in vastly improved shelf life and reduced potential for bacterial growth.

Smoke & Odor

More complete combustion results in dramatic reduction and in many cases total elimination of opacity and diesel odor.

Cold Weather

Clear GDiesel® reduces cloud point on average over 5 degrees Celsius and Ultra Clear GDiesel® reduces cloud point on average over 20 degrees Celsius as compared to standard #2 Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel.

ClearRefining® is a Federally approved alternative fuel blending process.

GDiesel® is a 100% drop-in diesel fuel that meets all ASTM D-975 standards. GDiesel® is miscible with standard diesel fuel and does not require dedicated tanks, dispensing equipment or specialty materials. GDiesel® offers the ultimate flexibility to fleet owners for vehicles that often travel out of normal service areas where alternative fuels may not be available. Users of GDiesel® can begin reducing emissions and saving money with the first tank.

What our customers have to say about GDiesel®.

Clark County
County Fleet
Churchill County School District
School Bus Fleet
Clark County
Baracuda Championship
F&P Construction
Construction Fleet
Good Cent′s Sinclair
Service Station
GDiesel® powered rental car shuttle bus. McCarran International Airport. Las Vegas, NV
GDiesel® powered service vehicle. Clark County, NV
GDiesel® powered emergency service vehicle. Clark County, NV
GDiesel® powered school bus. Churchill County Unified School District. Fallon, NV

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