Current News

During the last two months our management team has been working diligently on restructuring and financing initiatives. Part of the restructuring strategy was discussed among the unitholders at last month’s annual unitholder meeting. Selling unused assets, better securing intellectual property, enhancing management, establishing a professional and active Board of Directors, and updating the Company’s business plan are all activities that the Company has been and continues to accomplish. While many of the restructuring Initiatives are aimed at most efficiently running the organization and to most efficiently monetize the Company’s market opportunities, most of these initiatives are also extremely helpful for the Company’s fundraising efforts. On that front, company management as well as board members have been working diligently to raise funds for the future Las Vegas GDiesel facility and for on-going Company initiatives and projects. The Company has also been working with its numerous national and international partners to develop new projects, and in some cases, to upgrade our technology platform and equipment offerings. 

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ARC would like to welcome Scott Beckmen (left) and Sean McIntyre (right) to the CRT Board of Directors with Chairman Peter Gunnerman and member James Brandmueller!

Message From the Management

Our people are our most important ingredient for success. For too long we have been asking too few to do too much with too little in the face of difficult financial times. With the onset of 2016 we have been fortunate to once again welcome new members to the team. With new people come new perspectives and new ideas. At the same time we have to diligently remind ourselves, new and old, to stay true to the Company’s Mission, Vision and 2016 Goals. If every person knows the clear purpose and goals of the Company, they will be better prepared to make decisions that are good for the Company in a timely and efficient way. We welcome our new additions and especially thank those employees that have brought us to where we are.

Safety Corner

Communication and safety go hand in hand and without good communication skills, you may actually find yourself talking “at” people, not really communicating “with” them. Like most workplace initiatives, effective employee communication and a resulting high engagement with the initiative is key to its success. Communication needs to change employee beliefs, perceptions, and behaviors by convincing them it is worth the extra effort to work safely and efficiently. Research studies point to 70% of workplace mistakes being caused by poor communication, so how we choose to start our message often determines the results. Research also shows that for every dollar invested in workplace safety three dollars or more are saved (this comes through workers’ comp, lost time, efficiency, legal, etc.). People will quickly determine the meaning of a message and whether they will be receptive at the beginning of said conversation. There is only a short time to get a message across: 2 minutes when face to face, 30 seconds on the telephone, and only 10 – 15 seconds by voicemail. So the more important the message, the bigger the need to plan what you are going to say.

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