Message From the Management

Innovation is the application of better solutions that meet new requirements. With the oil markets in absolute chaos, now is the perfect time to dedicate 2015 as our “Year of Innovation”. We have already shown remarkable innovative thinking and action in areas of customer pricing, cost savings, government relations and community stewardship, all geared to help us grow in the coming year. Do you have a better way of doing something company related? Let your supervisor or any manager know immediately. Our company has successfully proven, as we did by dedicating 2014 as our “Year of Safety” and then performing at our highest safety level ever, that once we put our mind to something, there is no stopping us!

Arc Excitement

Advanced Refining Concepts is thrilled to recognize Dr. Eric Lutz of the University of Arizona San Xavier Underground Mining Laboratory. With his help our GDiesel® #2 product was tested against ULSD #2 and Biodiesel in a controlled underground study for tailpipe emissions. The report shows up to a 66% reduction in almost all tested areas! Full report can be seen in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene or emailing us at!

Current News

Welcome to our new subtenants on the 16th floor.

AECOM’s purpose is to positively impact lives, transform communities and make the world a better place.

They work with clients in more than 150 countries to design (including planning, architecture and engineering), build, finance, operate and maintain diverse types of infrastructure.

Their work embraces a range of markets, including: Buildings, Energy, Environment, Facilities, Government support, Natural resources development, Transportation, Urban development, and Water. AECOM connects specialists across a global network to address complex challenges with broad vision, deep technical expertise and interdisciplinary insight, and deliver solutions that increase performance, quality and resilience for our clients.

During 2014, AECOM acquired URS Corporation and Hunt Construction Group. In the 12 months ending September 30, 2014, their combined revenue totaled $19.5 billion.

Safety Corner

The flu season is among us, if you have not had your flu vaccine you may want to consider getting one. It can be administered at almost any health care facility either by injection or by nasal spray. According to the CDC the current average of people nationwide testing positive for respiratory flu is 28%. Nevada is currently testing on the high side at over 34%! Make sure you are constantly washing your hands and don’t cough into the air where people will be breathing your germs. If you have any of the following please see your primary health care provider or get to an urgent care facility as soon as possible. Trouble breathing, discolored skin, not drinking or eating, not waking up or unusual confusion, fever with a rash, no tears when crying, or sudden dizziness. Experiencing these symptoms could mean the flu or worse!

Picture of the Month

 Governor Brian Sandoval (Left), Kylee Bozarth (Center), and Peter Gunnerman (Right) after accepting award at the Welcome Reception for Expanded Companies hosted by EDAWN in December 2014.

Governor Brian Sandoval (Left), Kylee Bozarth (Center), and Peter Gunnerman (Right) after accepting award at the Welcome Reception for Expanded Companies hosted by EDAWN in December 2014.

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